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Production and Innovation

Designed and manufactured in Romania

Since 1994, Romturingia has had the objective of building the best bodies in Romania, investing in production capacity, technology and team specialization, today having over 120 colleagues in all company departments.


The total area of the production units is 66,000 square meters, being one of the largest industrial platforms.

We produce superstructures, customizations and accessories for top brands in the automotive industry, such as Dacia, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi or Ford.

Specialized departments

Within the ROMTURINGIA company, the Department of Research, Design, Development and Implementation in Production is at your disposal with great experience in the field of product and technology design.

This department is in close contact with the R.A.R, IPROCHIM and ISCIR accredited testing laboratory.

Automations and precision

We ensured a good cutting and working precision due to the automation of the processes and the collaboration of our team with robotic technologies.

Investment in technology

Throughout the evolution, we have emphasized the constant investments in improving the technology and working techniques used.